Shree Subramania Seva Samaj

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Shree Subramania Seva Samaj

Spreading Spirituality, Culture, & Charity services for the poor and underprivileged

Shree Subramania Seva Samaj is a registered Public Charitable Trust with the objective of spreading culture, spirituality, good social deeds and doing charity services apart from upkeeping the very essence of the religion through pujas, archanas, veda and rudram chanting, homams and many more activities that will keep the religious flame alive not only for the present but also the future generations. The Samaj through community donations have been successful in initiating a temple complex dedicated to Lord Kartikeya over a land parcel allotted by CIDCO, the governing authority for Land allocation and infrastructure development in the city of Navi Mumbai in the premium Sanpada area.

The Bhoomi Puja of the said temple was performed at the holy hands of Parampujya Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji, Shankaracharya of Kanchi kamakoti Peetham on 20th January 2017. The construction in its second phase will be completed by June 2023 into a three storied Temple complex housing deity Lord Kartikeya along with consorts Valli and Devasana alomg with other important Hindu Deities of Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Guruvayurappan, Devi, Shivaling and Navagraha. Apart from this there will be space dedicated to Community activities such as marriages, Puja functions, music and veda classes and many more that will be of immense benefit to people at large. Apart from regular cultural and spiritual activities Shree Subramnia Seva Samaj will also partake in activities related to community upliftment, knowledge sharing, skill development, regular poor feeding and many more that is destined to go a long way in changing lives of people.

Prasadam & Poor Feeding:

Regular Prasadams would be made for ‘daily puja / archana’ to be distributed to all those visiting the temple for paying obeisance to various deities and also all the poor who can be fed on a daily basis.

Educate the Girl Child:

“Educate the Girl Child” is an initiative taken by Shree Subramania Seva Samaj wherein 20 to 25 girl children would be shortlisted and selected taking into consideration their respective family income status to sponsor their education from standard first to standard 10th. By doing this, we do feel that over a period of 5 years we would be sponsoring around 125 girl children to educate them and prepare them to compete shoulder to shoulder in a competitive world. The scholarship amount would be directly given to pre-selected schools.

Veda Class and Library:

Shree Subramania Seva Samaj would be opening a school for “Veda Classes”. We do feel that the vedic rituals pertaining to our own community should be inculcated among the next generation to help take forward our religious practices. By sponsoring vedic education to children and offering outstation students accommodation, the samaj aspires to create a team of learned priests so that the future community gets the benefit of a talent pool and thus safeguard the continual support to people at large. The samaj also intends to open a library to stock books of relevance and importance, thus enabling people at large to avail of this unique facility of reading religious, spiritual books that would be available in Sanskrit, Hindi, English and other languages.

Skill Development:

Skill development among women of the not so privileged class is becoming utmost important not only for community welfare but also for the country at large. The Samaj intends to partner with various government bodies to support skill development training for the downtrodden women and the same can be co-sponsored by the samaj. Skills such as weaving, sewing, community cooking, jewellery making, and education will go a long way in women becoming self-sufficient and help them in initiating small enterprises.

Community programs:

Mass community programs such as “Mass Upnayanam and Marriages” would be organized by the samaj within the premises. This will help people to begin a new life and most importantly safeguard their respective social status. The entire arrangement including food, priest, and other rituals will be taken care of by the samaj.

Music & Dance Class:

Music and dance as we all know is the soul of any community, religion or even an individual. The Samaj intends to initiate music classes to the community children and adults at large. Trained Carnatic, classical, teachers in dance, vocal and instruments would render coaching within the premise. Students will not only learn proficiency in music, dance and instruments but also grow to become trainers themselves thus help generate employment opportunities in the stream.

Saving Lives:

The samaj would be organizing Free Medical check-up primary healthcare camps for the benefit of people. The primary health check camps will not only help take into account the health of a person but will also determine further course of action to an individual if there is an adverse report, thus saving lives. In future the Samaj will also initiate donations to local municipal hospitals for the benefit of Doctors, paramedic and patients visiting municipal hospitals. The Samaj also would support “Ambulance Services” and “Primary Health care services” in due course of time in B class towns and rural areas.

Regular discourses and Sanskrit classes:

The samaj intends to invite learned gurus for religious discourses that would be immensely beneficial to the community at large. Discourses on various subjects, Narayaniyam, Bhagavatham, reading Upanishads including rendering lectures in Sanskrit and initiating Sanskrit classes will go a long way in up keeping and continuing the rich culture of the community and our country at large.

Shree Subramania Seva Samaj intends to offer a wholesome activity chart during the entire year for the benefit of the community and people at large. Regular events, programs and religious activities would be welcomed to generate donations and funds that would be earmarked for “community services”.